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 Beauty Breakthrough
Silicone Adhesive Pads
Effectively Treat & Prevent
Wrinkles & Creases
on the Face and Chest
Physician Recommended
Safe for all Skin Types
Easy to Use & Reusable
100% Satisfaction &
Money Back Guarantee!
Free Shipping  
Made in the U.S.A.

Breakthrough Anti-Aging Benefits

Silicone Fusion Technology

SLEEP TAUT silicone adhesive pads are a breakthrough in wrinkle treatment & prevention.  Reusable, hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone adhesive pads flatten wrinkles, prevent new wrinkles from forming, hydrates skin from the inside out, and builds collagen. SLEEP TAUT's patent pending design is contoured to fit around the eyes, forehead, sides of mouth and chest, AND comfortably protects you from "pillow" creases while you sleep. Wear every night and wake up to smooth, supple skin every morning.  


SLEEP TAUT gives you REAL Beauty Sleep,

and your "Pillow Problems" solved!

Physician's Weekly’s Sept. 2017 article reports silicone adhesive pads effectively treat Crow's Feet after 2 hours of continued use.  Consistent use of adhesive pads dramatically reduce wrinkles on the face and chest.


The Science Behind Silicone


SLEEP TAUT is made from the highest quality medical grade silicone and medical grade silicone adhesive.  Silicone has a large molecular structure that allows oxygen to pass through it creating a hydrating micro climate on skin.  Silicone is chemical free, hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin and proven to be effective on scars, stretchmarks and wrinkles. Science has shown silicone hydrates skin from the inside out, firms and builds collagen, the components present in youthful, taut skin. Doctors currently prescribe silicone tape to treat and prevent scars and stretch marks.  SLEEP TAUT offers anti-aging, wrinkle treatment & prevention benefits in one simple solution.   


Did you know that your skin has memory?  Teach your skin to be smooth and hydrated during your sleeping hours! SLEEP TAUT physically flattens wrinkles, prevents new wrinkles from forming and effectively firms, hydrates and builds collagen in skin where used.  With each and every use, SLEEP TAUT is teaching your skin to be smooth and youthful!

How does SLEEP TAUT Compare to the Competition?

SLEEP TAUT flattens the competition with it's patent pending design; Sleep Taut  is  contoured to fit ALL of the wrinkle prone areas of the face and chest and while you sleep! Ultra-thin edges allow you to sleep up against the pad without getting additional creases and a thicker center means skin cannot crease beneath it.  SLEEP TAUT adhesive pads cover more surface area around the eyes and mouth than the other brands.  SLEEP TAUT's contour and design allows you to wear them wherever you need them without having to buy different shapes. 

SLEEP TAUT has an exceptional value in both dollar and use.  SLEEP TAUT takes the place of expensive creams and serums where used and can be reused up to 30 times with proper care.  In addition, the wrinkle prevention and long term flattening of wrinkles means less money spent in treating wrinkles in the future.

"I feel relief to wake up in the morning to see that my skin is smooth and taut.  I don't wake up to wrinkles on the sides of my eyes, or unevenly creasing nasal folds. My face looks more supple.  From the first time I used SLEEP TAUT my skin was noticeably smoother and more youthful looking. I would never sleep without SLEEP TAUT, not even for a short nap.  Sleep Taut is the best defense a man or woman can have against face and chest wrinkles and never ending "pillow problems" - Owner/ SLEEP TAUT

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