The Secret is out...

SkinCult Surface Smoothing Gel is the Quick, Non Abrasive way to instantly roll away dead surface cells, revealing a fresher, smoother appearance of your skin!

Surface Smoothing Gel contains plant based Hydrolyzed Collagen and plant based extracts which act as skin softeners and soothers, which allow the dead surface cells to be swept away by the "balling up" action of non soluble cellulose, efficiently, non abrasively!

Simply apply, massage gently and watch as the gel breaks up, and grabs and sweeps away the dulling surface cells, it just simply works that easily!

"You'll love it after just one use!"


KNOTTY TAMER hair detangler removes knots and tangles like no other on the market with little to no breakage!!! We think that's a BIG DEAL!!! to learn more and order yours today!!!

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